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Infant/Toddler Early Intervention Services

J. Cornack Therapy Group is an infant/toddler early intervention provider for Lancaster, York and Chester County. Our services include speech, occupational, physical and behavioral therapy for infant/toddlers with developmental disabilities and/or delays. Our goal is to provide quality therapy services to meet each child’s optimum potential and purpose. All early intervention services take place in a child’s natural environment and focus on enhancing their daily routine. Natural environments can include the child’s home, a playground, library, grocery store, restaurants, childcare setting and all other places children and families spend their time. Early Interventionist guide families to success by implementing the coaching model. Most simply, the coaching model is a means of educating the parent/guardian on the tools they need to feel successful once the interventionist leaves the home. Our team is dedicated to instilling competence and confidence in the families they work with in order to ensure long term success for the child.

If you are concerned about your toddler or baby’s development, contact your county’s early intervention program:
Lancaster County: 717-399-7323
York/Adams County: 717-771-9618
Chester County: 610-344-6000

Center-Based Speech Therapy

J. Cornack Therapy Group offers pediatric center-based speech therapy services for individuals with speech or language delays. Our highly trained speech-language pathologists help children and adolescents who have autism, pragmatic difficulties (trouble with social communication), articulation (difficulty with certain sounds or speaking clearly), apraxia (inability to plan, control and execute where to put their tongue/lips in order to talk), dysfluency (stuttering), swallowing problems, and more.

Our therapists work to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, social/cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders. Due to the tremendous success of the coaching model used in early intervention services, our speech-language pathologists feel strongly about incorporating the same model in their approach. Educating and empowering parents in the treatment room provides them with the confidence necessary to carry out these skills at home, thus enhancing the likelihood of success for the child.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech delay, contact our office at: 717-723-8520




J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC

J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC

Early Intervention Therapy Services

Providing speech, occupational, physical & behavioral therapy to children in their natural environment.

J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC

J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC

Center-Based Therapy Services

Providing speech therapy that empowers families to help their child at home.

J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC

J. Cornack Therapy Group, LLC


The Sound Play and Language Awareness Story Hour (S.P.L.A.S.H.) is a hands-on, engaging story hour for children and caregivers alike. In these classes, caregivers will learn fun and playful ways to encourage a child’s communication and development.