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Siblings Perspective: The Forgotten Piece of the Autism Puzzle (pt. 2)

When people ask me “What’s it like having an autistic brother?”, I seem to stumble. The words seem to get lost in translation. To be honest, having a brother who has autism is almost exactly as it sounds. Take your brother, or, if you’ve neve...
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Siblings Perspective: The Forgotten Piece of the Autism Puzzle (February 2019)

Over the New Year, my husband, Tom and I were invited to join Street and his family on a trip to Singapore and Bali. When my husband and I have traveled with Street in the past, we found that as long as Street was doing what he wanted to do, the trip...
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Now What? (September 2018)

He got diagnosed with Autism… now what?  Should they keep him in the typical preschool where he can learn from his peers, and learn how to conform to a typical environment?  Or, find a private, specialized school with professors that aid with...
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Street’s Early Symptoms (April 2018)

Watching Street grow up has allowed me to share with you some of the first symptoms of Autism that he presented when he was just a baby. It is important to remember that all children are different, but this was my nephews journey and early symptoms. ...
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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (February 2018)

Recently, my husband Tom and I had our Autistic nephew come live with us. Over time, I began to realize that although most people have heard of Autism, only a few know exactly what it is. Despite Autism being talked about EVERYWHERE, people still don...
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